Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wool Cat

I've been obsessed with Givenchy's Men's Collection for F/W 2011-2012
for a while and more than anything this time around, though I'm quite behind on
the fashion schedule. Ive been drooling over their wool cat hat and i came to a conclusion
that i probably wont have a 2,000 dollar hat in my head any time soon so i decided to
make my knock off version. I found my old High School hat that my dog chewed on
and i decided to revive it. My original idea was to stitch a new layer of this leathery
fabric i found all around the hat and make it look a little beat up but i realized i
wouldn't have enough fabric, so i only covered the front  and painted the rest
with acrylic and cut the out the shape of the ears and stuffed it with the same
material and i have my own Givenchy hat!. i spent nothing since i had all
the supplies from previous little projects, fashion comes from imagination
and creation it can be dirt cheap but its all on how you wear it.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I think summer is officially over but this Californian weather is still confused
its been hints of fall and winter, today in particular it was more towards summer and
i took a full advantage to bike ride around the neighborhood. I found these pants at
the thrift store looking a mess and i sewed them up something Ive been doing since i
figured out how to use the sewing machine, i think they have a baseball hint to them
with the stripes going down, the shirt is from Filthy Hanger and the shoes i don't
exactly remember where i got them from but they remind me sooo much of my
grandpa and even though they are harder than the pavement i was standing in
i kept them on.

A good thing about living in a small town where somehow everyone knows
each other its the connections you sometimes have even if it means to be a little
illegal, last Saturday i attended Belanova's concert, i made the lead singer a sequin dress
earlier that day and i was excited to give it to her after the show but when i walked out
she was already in her van, i was starting to loose the hope when i decided to be that
annoying crazy kid and so i knocked on her window and told her i made her a dress,
she was nice enough to wait for me to run to the car and get it and also took down my
number :o. That cool Mary/Fox was one of my brothers art pieces up in a art contest
this past weekend he won 1st place all proceeds and anything the art show pulled in
was towards keeping art alive, and also helping kids stay out of trouble.

Now today's meal was heaven Mother made homemade Lentils soup which is one
of my all time favorite meals just thought i kicked you guy's apatite, the other plate is
some home made hummus i made a couple days ago with, cilantro and pepper i suggest
trying it out its really easy and quick, it might look a bit funky but i promise it was delicious. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

VIVA M....

Hello Virtual friends!I have been excited to show off my baseball pants my
brother found at a discount store for $4! The scarf idea i came up with comes from
that cool material they put out everywhere for Halloween, I've been wrapping
myself in it almost everyday, the shoes I've had in my closet for years and i have
no idea why the hell i had them, and they fit me so my idea was to paint them
black and some long spikes in the back but i haven't had the chance to
get the studs and they looked lonely so i hopped in them today! The
stripes leggings peaking underneath I got them from Betsey Johnson
last year in a desperate attempt to own something from her which ended
up working out today some how.
Remember my rambling about my sisters pageant well this weekend was
the Mexican Independence day parade in my town and she came out in it after
winning 1st place for representing our origin's State in Mexico (Yucatan).
The parade included tons of cool costumes and traditional dances from every
corner of Mexico i have a lot more pictures but i chose at random since they
were all equally amazing, except of course the first picture with my sister.
Now about the food you guys can already imagen the amount of choices
and booths they had but besides picking at different things i ate this delicious
Corn with mayonnaise, cheese, butter, and chili powder.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Velvet Boy...

Candace Wakefield took these set of photos a month or two ago there is probably
more to come but for now i have these I'm anxious to share. I met Candace online and she
asked me to pose for her pictures now that being said i was already completely happy to be
asked to pose for someone on a serious note and she also gave me the liberty to put
together my outfit which c'mon that's a plus, i wore all black multiple black belts, H&M
black wax pants, Sexuali-Tee American Apparel T-shirt, Huge Black cloak i found
at a thrift store, and i took the occasion to once again wear my Marc Jacobs rain
boots, I felt the contrast with all the black and my long gone powder blue hair
would work. I ran and walked around the dirty pond and beach by my house and
convinced myself i was Callum Wilson or Ash Stymest for an infamous photo shoot for
Dazed & Confused or walking for Gareth Pugh, which i might have been shooting a bit
too high for current reality.

"A man is the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes."- Mohandas K. Gandhi

Sunday, September 11, 2011


IM BACK! it took so long to actually have time to step back and
update this, I have been busy feeling like a stage mom helping my sister and
friend with their crazy pageants and then some family time in between, friend
hang outs and the work of re-launching filthyhanger that means getting girls together
outfits shoes accessories etc.. takes so much more time but im not complaining, i
need to however get better at time managing what i do and always having time to
do things like this. In other news My hair is back to its regular shade and i only
people can pay attention to the things i wear instead of my hair color, it has
been a good change and i thought i would miss the blue but im having fun
with this normal look for now.. :)

Jacket: Alekz, Bottom: thrift store, Top: ? Boots: Marc Jacobs.

Some of the filthyhanger mess for the photo shoot wigs, sequin, stripper shoes
socks, licra, belts, necklaces what else can anyone ask for?
NOW the food update i have been eating sick in some sense ive been
indulging to the max on pizza and anything greasy i need to hold back on
my gluttony sin making before i go unforgiven.