Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the absence of pigment

Givenchy's Men's Collection! where to begin its so much detail i don't know where
i should start its an exploring adventure it has exceeded the level of greatness.Knee
high lace up shoes, kitty hats, fur jackets, fur back packs, albinism, need more?
Riccardo Tisci's dark mood fits right in with mine i can't remember the last time i enjoyed something as much, its just the way things are put together, i would be
R.I.P just breathing Gevinchy air. I'm overly excited because i feel most of the time
the men's side of the collection is put off for the last minute and really nothing
different comes out, the majority of the time its just a well fit collection of suits with
a small detail sticking out. Don't take my personal view wrong there were many
amazing men's collections this season, Gareth Pugh collection was also one of my
top favorites as well as, DSquared2, Nicolas Andreas Taralis (his collection looked
like vampires after a gruesome battle, it was amazing), and of course Alexander McQueen.

Nude at its max, its more exciting seeing the albino king Stephen Thompson
i don't think that's a name he would love going by but I'll give him the title for
now, another reason why Givenchy is as great as i say, they always support the
the odd side, like the campaign with the most beautiful transgender model Lea T.

Albinism is beautiful its all easy for me to say but I'm sure its
a whole different story living with it, Stephen Thompson needs
more work and credit.

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