Friday, June 17, 2011


Summer Summer Summer Summer
SUMMER needs to be like no other, i usually hate having high expectations
because if its the slightest bit off of being great its a huge disappointment but i
can't help to be excited for the summer, i secretly feel that just by typing this down
I've already spoiled my chances at a great summer (its my inner psychopath over thinking.)
i live less than 10mins from the beach on a bike ride and maybe a 20min walk or less, what will i be doing? slapping my body on that beach and enjoying the god dam SUMMER.

In Other news my brother and i have been working on our "Vintage/Recycled"
online clothing store and i am hoping to finally be able to pop that thing open
A.S.A.P. we will not only have things we find in stores but the whole concept
of the store is to fix things up and spicing up the clothes a bit some of them is
just a simple cut to make them shorter some are perfect as is and some will
its little more work, i really can't wait to go on sale mostly because it will be
significant price not because its a dress its going to be $70.00 or just plain over
the top price, it will be at a significant price, very affordable and fun.

For now i leave you with our blog.

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  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog, I'm really glad you like my illustrations. Your personal style is really cool, I love the mint green hair. Really cool. Thanks again for reading!