Saturday, July 16, 2011

She's not your queen anymore, queen of the highway

A huge suggestion if looking for a summer movie
If you have never seen this before Netflix it, dollar rent it, blockbuster it
Illegally download it, or Legally buy it somewhere....
Sit back and imagine driving around a desert with three drag queens
in a huge bus (later in the movie is painted pink) with a giant heel on
top of the bus.
I grew up with drag queen's i remember one of my moms closest friend
was a drag queen and would performs everywhere in town for carnivals,
parties, festivals and every occasion. I remember my mom always thought my brother
and I we would see many many people that are extravagant and never look
down at someone for trying to live their lives opposite to what society wants
everyone to be like, instead always look up to the courage it takes to do this.
I have a couple friends now that do drag and my brother makes gowns and
puts outfits for them, it really is hard work to go out and perform to people
that will judge you for every mistake you make not to mention PLATFORMS,
HOT itchy wigs, Pounds of make up, corsets, and every other detail that goes
into this one performance. I at least have respect for THE QUEENS.

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