Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Pants- Diesel
Stripe pants, Betsey Johnson
Shirt-ex-aeropostale aka filthyhanger

I found that Aeropostale shirt at the thrift store and i liked the way
the fabric felt but the logo bothered me in fact i think the brand just annoys me :/
so i gave it a make over and i had been waiting to pair my old Supras with something perfect.
We also updated a filthyhanger with some new cool stuff, if you haven't heard me blab about it
well its a online store my brother and I put together, we basically buy vintage pieces and sometimes
put in our own touch and fix things up, we also have unique 100% original pieces by us. The idea
behind this is for people to be able to get things for a reasonable price and not have to spend
ridiculous amounts of money to get a cool unique pieces from online, we also carry a verity
of sizes and try to update our stock constantly check us out!, if you have any questions
about our items send us an e-mail and i personally promise we will reply ASAP!
  . filthyhanger

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