Thursday, August 4, 2011

and the lived happilly ever after...

This Saturday my sister is getting married and with
this wedding high I'm in to see her walk down the aisle, I
see Katie Shillingford the editor of Dazed & Confused wedding pictures
roaming around, and i cant help to get a twist in my stomach. She looks
disgustingly glorious in her Gareth Pugh gown which makes this whole
deal a lot more exciting and beautiful. I don't think she understands
how beautiful she looks the Grey contrast of the dress with her
Lavender hair make her look like a goth pony 1920's princesses,
which is probably the worst description but makes total
sense to me, i wish my sister and  Katie the happiest
marriage of all..


  1. if i got married, i would want to look like katie!!
    so gorgous and unique!


  3. @strawberrymist she is most definitely a very cool lady