Friday, August 12, 2011


The funny thing about my Mother is that she can care less about what my hair
looks like she has always let me dress and be myself, but when it comes to wearing
patterns that contrast each other or if I'm doing two plaid colors in the same outfit it
it bothers her more than anything and as her child i feel that it is my duty to do my
part in annoying her every once in a while. This Look was also a small mix of
a proud shopper, because i bought these pants for 75cents which i really have
no clue whether they are pajama bottoms or part of a 70's grad mothers
Mumu collection but regardless they reminded me of Vivienne Westwood
and i just couldn't let this 75cents stay in my pocket. 
Pants: 75cents thrift store. Top: $1 thrift store. Shoes: Target Women section.
Bag: Thrift Store $3 but we can say its Marc Jacobs since i hung my MJ key chain
on it. Belt: Hecho en Mexico. Rings: Marc Jacobs, Spoon made ring, Material Girl
cross, Vending Machine, and a gift from my brother. Bracelets: Calvin Klein and
a gift from a friends trip to Europe.

Before i look like hypocrite for putting up a picture of my Salmon
roll dinner plate after a went on about fancy looking dinners, let me tell
you that we have this amazing place where i live and every night they have
happy hour with rolls for only 3-4 dollars i would be a complete fool to not
take advantage of such a deal. Now if you live in California and don't know
who Angelyne is there is something wrong, well i spotted her on a random
parking lot yesterday and being on my bucket list for many years now i
had to approach her and let her know how fabulous she is and of course
i needed to have that closer look. She ever so sweetly took the task
to try to slang me some of her T-shirts from the trunk of her car and
poor her i had nothing on me but she was very nice...... to be continued


  1. Your hair is awesome! Love the print mixing in this outfit! =)

  2. thank you ps. why did i die when i saw your blog its amazing :D

  3. one of the most innovative outfits ive come across today, im so inspired

  4. wonderful finds mister i am impressed, this coming from an avid thrifter. i can't believe you met Angelyne! i remember driving through Hollywood when i was younger with my parents and i would see billboards of her all over! great great post ;)

  5. i love your hair!!!

  6. @charleston thank its an honor to be an inspiration
    @larissablintz yea she was really cool everyone thinks shes a freak but i like her shes really sweet and im sure she means no harm
    @strawberrymist thank you!

  7. and where the hell do you shop. I feel like thrift prices have been going up where I live. Like 14 dollars for pants? are you shitting me. I praise you for finding that pair for 75cents. and they look great on have a great sense of style.I followed :)


  8. @PaolinaofCalurVillade relly i go this secret thrift store so i think, and i always find cool things but i'm there for ever. $14!! no mama you should stop by my online thrift store/ recyled clothes.