Thursday, August 18, 2011

No fit

I have always wanted to wear these trousers my brother owns
but they are not my size, but while drooling over Vivienne Westwood's
Man Collections a favorite hobby of mine i noticed that over sized look she
does with her trousers, so i mounted my brothers trousers and strapped a belt
on my waist and all though i most definitely didn't hold a candle next to Vivienne
convinced my self deep inside that they were indeed Vivienne Westwood. I also
realized i took these pictures once again at the Target Resort haha which was
not my intention but it works, I also highly recommend one of my favorite
snacks of all time Baby food Pouches i swear life to those they are
amazing i would probably survive on those if i had too.

I also tried this new thing i was curious to do to with the pictures,
to upload the pictures and then take a picture of the picture.  yeah idk...