Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Bottoms:Thrift Store, Top: Alekz G, Belt: Yard Sale, Cardigan: Thrift store,
Shoes: Target, Bag:? wannabe Marc Jacobs

My top favorite place to walk around in Los Angeles has always been Broadway,
i don't know what kind of high i get off of it, ever since i was a little kid i remember taking
that 45min drive up to LA with my family and always landing in the infamous 12th and
Broadway where you get the real deals and all the amazing knock off merchandise, i
personally consider this the real LA, maybe because its the only place where i fit right
in and I'm always on budget or because of the huge old theater light signs and buildings.
. Today i took a small trip with a friend and my brother and sister,
in particular to look for a pageant gown because my sister and a friend  are coming out
in this crazy intense pageant and where else will someone find an amazing gown at an
amazing price?.
I was already feeling right in my element walking around on full speed like a maniac,
when i looked to my side and i spot Christine and Eric from UNIF, i have this really stupid
way of approaching people and i feel i always make situations awkward, now i don't
consider them celebrities of any kind they are just people the only difference is that they
are actually very talented, i really don't want to sound psychotic and make things even
more awkward but i feel the need to say that Christine and Erik (christeric) really have
been a huge inspiration to me for a very long time now and i feel really cool to have
had the chance to run into them at the most random time and at most random place,
believe me its not a just a kiss ass comment, i mean this with all sincerity, and this
ends here because its starting to sound like a love letter.  

On food news i made history by passing up all the dirty LA food which
i usually devour on when I'm downtown to make a quick stop at The Mandarin
buffet in Thousand Oaks which was right on the way home i usually pile up the
most disgusting food so this might not be the place you want to look at for a
cute well put gourmet plate.


  1. I just love your hair color :)

  2. You look awesome. I love the cuffed pants.

  3. @DR :D thank you!! your amazing!
    @DLL i love yours aswell its crazy amazing well your blog in general!!!
    @Lydia thank you i love your outfits too

  4. great hair and great shots of LA!

  5. oh my god! you are so lucky you got to meet both of them! aahhh her blog (Christeric) has been a huge inspiration of mine since i first start blogging! i literally live like four blocks away from broadway in this real nice building! i'm still in awe. i am eternally jealous of you haha. I ALSO LOVE YOUR OUTFIT! great great post.

  6. @DLL thats really cool!! Come visit CALIFORNIA SOMETIME!
    @TOPCOAT thank you :D
    @vanessalu thank you :DD your amazing
    @Amber thank you its brown now :D
    @LarissaBlintz oh cool!!! i love them also
    i was too socially awkward to keep a convo
    going haha, and thank you !!!

  7. I am so in love with your look. (And I'm secretly smitten with your hair colour) If I ever come to LA we will have to get coffee and you can spill your secret on how you get your hair so perfectly coiffed ;)

    -Laura xx

  8. I like so much.

  9. your hair is amazing!

  10. la'la'la'la'love your hair!


  11. really love your style and those pants! x


  13. cool hair!!!

    xoxo from rome