Sunday, August 21, 2011


I made my sister play photographer outside our house because i decided like getting
cleaned up and dressed right before working out hah, but really more because i wanted to
wear that gray over sized blazer i got that same day at the thrift store for $1.00 and
all though looking back i find what i put together was something subtle compared to what
i usually wear, It's a good change all together its good to reinvent yourself slightly and
try different things from time to time, I'm also obsessed with tucking tacky necklaces
under collard shirts i have no clue where this came from..

Top: Geoffrey Beene, Bottom: Forever21 women 75cent thrift store.
Blazer: ?, Necklace: old Necklace i found laying around and Chanel charm
i also found laying around, Shoes: H&M.
This weekend consisted of a family baby shower, for a family friend.
If you are Mexican i mean not white wash, REAL Mexican you know that its a
trend to have Tacos grilled by the pounds for the guest, there is no acomidation
for a vegetarian so when you are stuck in a helpless situation you better be
creative and follow what i pulled out, I made my own vegetarian tacos with
onions, cilantro, lemon, red & guacamole salsa, beans, and my new
obsession Papalo Leaves. Its an ancient plant, found all over Mexico,
the American Southwest and parts of South America
they have this
certain refreshing scent and you can include it in almost anything.
I smashed some of it into this fresh cucumber juice my aunt made
and i know anyone would go crazy for this its must!


  1. love your whole look, its so fierce.

  2. You have such a cool and original sense of style. totally going to keep coming back to read!

  3. this is such a wonderful ensemble! i am in awe.. i can't believe i've barely found you. you are so good! i definitely agree on the whole Mexican thing!! when i go to family parties (which i completely dread so i isolate myself and count the minutes down until we leave), being a vegetarian is not exactly socially acceptable.

  4. i love your style! and your hair is amazing! :) following!
    can't wait to read more!!

  5. @Theblushingfox thank you your amazing :DD
    @Jackie awe thanks your blog is pretty cool keep posting!
    @LarissaBlintz ahah yea it can be hard but i try to never make it a big deal there is so much things you can eat with no problem its really about being a bit creative
    @joel thanks man love your page! keep up the work!

  6. I like your hair and the food. Cute ensemble. Thanks for sharing and drop by mine when you have time.

  7. Oh Aidan! I just discovered your blog and your style is impeccable, inexplicable, unique.
    Your blue hair is luxury you, why lie?

    Everything is true.
    Keep it up and don´t stop, please!

    All yours, Baro Lucas

  8. I want that drink! seruously I said im never drinking again...well forget it haha , great pics;)

  9. @ellinorforje :D thank you no problem!, i already did it great!
    @stylebaro thank you so much i appreciate your support man! your blog is really cool i like your focus on male fashion!
    @VasareNar its not an alcoholic drink haha,so you wont break your promise i promise its amazing!!

  10. @konshonchloe muchas gracias!! me gusta to sitio tanbien!!

  11. Good gracious, you look goooood, like, really awesome good.

    I tried going vegetarian in my Mexican household, and I'd never realized how much meat my family eats until I was forced to pass up on my mom's delicious plates.

    I didn't last as a vegetarian, but your creative meal is making me hungry right now.