Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Prince Charming

I had it with waiting to get blue, red and yellow paint to complete my desired
replica "Prince Charming" shirt i bet it would have looked a lot better in color but
this will do till them, these are also my pajama bottoms which I'm obsessed with wearing
not these in particular but pajama bottoms in general, i know what I'm about to say might
sound a bit pedophile depending on the readers mind, but this pajama bottom obsession
is do to the fact Kingston Rossdale walks out of his house with them all the time he is so
careless clueless about the fact he is probably the coolest kid.

Top: navy blue cardigan ?, T-shirt me. Bottom: Pajamas. Beanie: Godfathers
R.I.P. Shoes: Marc Jacobs rain boots. Bag: $2 Yard sale. Glasses: swap meet $5

My mom made these Tamales that if you haven't tried before you need too they are
Raja Tamales, they have cheese and slices of green Chile. I might have to get my stomach
cleaned after today because i might over dose on them, not also did she make these she made
Candy tamales, bean & cheese with chunks of Chile Habanero, do I not have the best mother?
not only does she make the best food but she has to put up with me everyday.


  1. you are beautiful! they are some amazing trousers!


  2. i love your outfits :)