Thursday, September 15, 2011

Velvet Boy...

Candace Wakefield took these set of photos a month or two ago there is probably
more to come but for now i have these I'm anxious to share. I met Candace online and she
asked me to pose for her pictures now that being said i was already completely happy to be
asked to pose for someone on a serious note and she also gave me the liberty to put
together my outfit which c'mon that's a plus, i wore all black multiple black belts, H&M
black wax pants, Sexuali-Tee American Apparel T-shirt, Huge Black cloak i found
at a thrift store, and i took the occasion to once again wear my Marc Jacobs rain
boots, I felt the contrast with all the black and my long gone powder blue hair
would work. I ran and walked around the dirty pond and beach by my house and
convinced myself i was Callum Wilson or Ash Stymest for an infamous photo shoot for
Dazed & Confused or walking for Gareth Pugh, which i might have been shooting a bit
too high for current reality.

"A man is the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes."- Mohandas K. Gandhi


  1. The second, fourth, and last shot: LOVE. You look like a dancer.

  2. lol thanks, i feel that belt necklace would look so good on you. And the pictures are just purely stunning.Boy you werked it. keep it fierce.


  3. Wow,you're improving in photography alot!

  4. @death_sexxx thank YOU!!
    @Lydia haha thanks i wish but i was just trying to
    just look like i know what im doing :D
    @PaolinaofCalusVillade haha really im really self conscious about tight necklaces i feel my face is too round for that but i should try new things! thank you for the compliments :DDD your amazing
    @someone its actually not my photography its Candace Wakefield but thank you!
    @DR :D

  5. Stunning pictures, I hope you don't mind I follow your blog, you inspire me.

  6. Those pictures are amazing and your outfit's nice too!

  7. these shots are unreal
    especially loving the one near the water. Something about the ease of the shot, it's really beautiful

  8. @devorelebeaumonstre :D
    @atomzanda wow are you kidding if anything its
    an honor!!
    @ben thank you for stopping by and for the
    nice comment :D
    @Andrew thank you very much the credit is all
    Candace Wakefield, shes the lady behind these
    certain pictures :DD